Statement of Purpose

A primary purpose of IFFSA is to bring an end to the confusion faced by the public over who is, and who is not a Financial Planner, and to distinguish between the corporate and personal financial planner while taking into consideration uniform standards of education, examination, ethics, and experience.

  • CCFP Certified Corporate Financial Planner
  • CPFP Certified Personal Financial Planner

These two designations of the Financial Planning profession are issued by the INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF FINANCIAL STANDARDS ASSOCIATION to those who have earned one or more of the designations that are acceptable by IFFSA, of which require substantially equivalent IFFSA approved education, exam, ethics and experience.
IFFSA strongly recommends the public to verify anyone claiming to be a Corporate and Personal Financial Planner by searching, free of charge, its CCFP/CPFP Verification Registry located Only CCFPs/CPFPs with good standing are listed in the CCFP/CPFP Verification Registry.

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