CCFP/CPFP – Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct

  • I will strive to do no harm, placing client interests above my own, giving them the same level of service I would give to myself in similar circumstances.
  • I will diversify my continuing education to cover a broad and integrative spectrum of financial planning topics to include risk management (i.e. insurance), investments, taxation, retirement plans, employee benefits, and estate planning, of not less than 15 credit hours annually, or 30 hours every two years (retirees exempted).
  • I will adhere to the laws, regulations, licenses, and ethics that are applicable to me in the services I render.
  • I will disclose the method of my compensation prior to entering into a formal agreement.
  • All CCFP/CPFP are subject to the CCFP/CPFP Designation Usage Requirements & Advertising Guidelines. All Members are also subject to these requirements plus the added standards of IFFSA Membership.
hongjingeduCCFP/CPFP – Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct