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The names of CERTIFIED CORPORATE FINANCIAL PLANNER /CERTIFIED PERSONAL FINANCIAL PLANNER provided through the Registry are provided for the purpose of helping persons verify & find qualified professionals to help with their Financial Planning needs. These Financial Planners may have licensing requirements that must be met before they can provide certain services in various countries and in many cases will provide you with a disclosure brochure that you should review prior to entering into any client relationship. IFFSA has not verified that the CCFP/CPFP professionals listed are licensed to transact business in your jurisdiction, since this is responsibility of the Financial Planner. Please be aware that the information in this Registry has been compiled from materials submitted by those listed and IFFSA cannot guarantee its accuracy, reliability or completeness. IFFSA specifically disclaims any liability or responsibility for any actions or statements made by any individuals or institutions listed. The Registry, and its contents, are intended strictly as a method for consumers to contact CCFP/CPFP professionals for the purpose of obtaining Financial Planning advice, and are not to be used to market unsolicited products or services to such CCFP/CPFP. Persons violating this restriction by using the Registry to contact CCFP/CPFP for unsolicited commercial purposes may be subject to legal action. If you have any questions, please contact IFFSA by email at

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