About CCFP

CCFP is the Abbreviation of Chartered Company Financial Planner. With regard to the increasing wealth, the aging population, the back-breaking burden of social security , the problem of personal consumption, medical care, education and living is becoming more and more serious. Europe and the United States is in the increasingly urgent needs of Chartered Company Financial Planner, and CCEP division has been widely recognized in global fields these years. Chartered Company Financial Planner, like other professionals, work with lawyers, accounting firms, actuaries, insurance brokers, tax agents, trusts, and so on, to become an independent professional organization. In work, the Chartered Company Financial Planner needs to be involved in law, finance, insurance, accounting, investment, taxation, trust, estate plan and retirement plan so they must have a wide range of expertise to provide one-stop service to the customers, also,as a agent, protect their interests. Currently, all the Chartered Company Financial Planner is generally working in the country’s banks, insurance companies, securities companies, accounting and legal services in Europe and United States. Having the professional qualification of Chartered Company Financial Planner is essential for you to become competitive in the future.

CCFP Accreditation

Issued by: International Federation of Financial Standards Association (IFFSA)

Certification Name: Certified Corporate Financial Planner (CCFP)

How to get: Take the exam, a total of 6 doors.

C-P01 Fundamental Financial Planning C-P02 Investment Planning

C-P03 Risk Management and Legal Knowledge Application C-P04 Corporate Finance Planning

C-P05 Management Accounting and Corporate Tax Concept C-P06 Corporate Financial Planning Applications

Information Briefing: IFFSA (hereinafter referred to as the “International Financial Union”), is the only domestic Certified Corporate Financial Planner (CCFP) issued by the certification body, registered more than 2,000 members.

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