Disciplinary Process and Procedures

The disciplinary process & procedures of IFFSA are enforced through the IFFSA Ethics Committee, to ensure a fair process for CCFP/CPFP to address allegations of Code of Ethics or other standards violations.

It is the intent of IFFSA to protect the public by providing a free resource to verify and identify active Certified Corporate Financial Planner/Certified Personal Financial Planners; therefore, the public is urged to verify anyone presenting themselves as a CCFP/CPFP, by searching within the CCFP/CPFP Verification Registry located at: www.IFFSA-GLOBAL.org.

All CCFP/CPFP are subject to the IFFSA Disciplinary Process & Procedures.

  1. Request for Investigation: Upon receipt of a written complaint, the Ethics Chair reviews the allegations to determine if further investigation is warranted.
  2. Investigation: If the Ethics Chair determines to proceed with an investigation of a CCFP/CPFP, will be given a written notice of the investigation, which contains the general nature of the allegations. The CCFP/CPFP is given 30 days within which to file a written response. If no response is received within the allotted 30 days a formal complaint is issued and the case is presented to a hearing panel.
  3. Probable Cause Determination: IFFSA Ethics Committee determines if there is probable cause to believe the grounds for discipline violation exist, and if they so find, the Committee will issue a formal complaint, and a notice of hearing, against the CCFP/CPFP. The complaint contains the specific allegations of misconduct and the potential Code of Ethics and/or other Member requirements violations, whereupon the CCFP/CPFP has 20 days from the date of receipt of the complaint to file a written answer. If no answer is received, the allegations in the complaint are deemed admitted and the CCFP/CPFP Members right to be listed in the verification & location CCFP/CPFP Verification Registry is administratively revoked, and Membership is terminated within forty-eight hours.
  4. Hearing Panel: When a formal complaint is filed a hearing takes place before a panel of a minimum of three individuals. All hearing panel members are Ethics Committee Members, and each must be active listed on CCFP/CPFP Verification Registry. The respondent is entitled to appear in person or telephonically, to be represented by counsel at the hearing, to cross-examine witnesses and to present evidence on his or her behalf.
  5. Determination: The Ethics Committee submits its findings for review to the full Board of Directors & Ethics Chair which, after considering all the facts and recommendations, renders a final decision.
  6. Appeals: If a CCFP/CPFP is aggrieved by the decision he/she has the right to petition the IFFSA Chairperson directly. The IFFSA Chairperson, and the full IFFSA Board of Directors, will make any final determination by majority vote.

All CCFP/CPFP are further subject to the CCFP/CPFP Designation Usage Requirements & Advertising Guidelines. All Members are subject to these requirements plus the added standards of IFFSA Membership.

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