Code of Ethics

CCFP/CPFP – Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct

I will strive to do no harm, placing client interests above my own, giving them the same level of service I would give to myself in similar circumstances.

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Disciplinary Process and Procedures

The disciplinary process & procedures of IFFSA are enforced through the IFFSA Ethics Committee, to ensure a fair process for CCFP/CPFP to address allegations of Code of Ethics or other standards violations.

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Forms of Discipline

If grounds for discipline have been established, the Ethics Committee may impose any form of discipline actions below. All disciplinary actions, except private written…

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Grounds for Discipline

Misconduct by a CCFP/CPFP including the following acts or omissions, constitutes grounds for discipline, whether or not the misconduct occurred in the course…

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Complaint Process

The following information should be provided to assist the public in understanding the IFFSA Ethics Committee’s investigation and complaint procedures that…

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Complaint Contents

Your written grievance should include important information surrounding the circumstances of your complaint, including photocopies of relevant letters, contracts…

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